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Ability Graphics - Photos and Presentations

Ability Graphics - Photos and Presentations

A complete graphics, photo-editing and presentation suite, equally ideal for business users, home workers, domestic users, students and schoolchildren. Edit, improve and catalogue all types of images, including photos uploaded from digital cameras and images imported from standard scanners.

Get creative with Photopaint, the full-featured image editor, compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® *.psd files and all other major graphics and photo formats. Produce slideshow presentations with Presentation, compatible with Microsoft® Powerpoint *.ppt and *.pptx files. Create vector designs with Draw and organise all your images with Photoalbum.

Windows 7 and Microsoft® Powerpoint 2010compatible.

Ability Graphics includes 2 licences for your personal commercial use. Multi user licences are also available for larger organisations, such as businesses or educational establishments.

Presentation – Microsoft® Powerpoint compatible slideshow presentation

The ideal application for creating professional slideshow presentations, with a wide range of visual and text effects ensuring that your message is delivered with maximum impact. Make your presentations as simple or as sophisticated as you need with the combination of Ability’s familiar design interface and rich creative feature set enabling production of the highest quality presentations. Compatible with both *.ppt and *.pptx† file formats (Microsoft® Office 2010† and earlier).

Photopaint – Adobe® Photoshop compatible photo and graphics editor

A feature-rich photo and image editor that will instantly feel familiar, both in interface and functionality, to users of Adobe® Photoshop. Its fundamental components include paint tools, colour palettes, brushes, selections, special effects filters and layers, delivering you the ability to create the exact graphical effects and edits required. Compatible with both Adobe® Photoshop *.psd and all other mainstream graphics file formats.

Photoalbum – Digital image organiser

This user-friendly image organiser lets users store and easily locate their digital photos and other images, with all major graphical formats supported. Featuring a multi-window interface, Photoalbum displays a clear outline of folders, albums and favourites, file lists with property pages, and choices of thumbnail, full screen or rolling slideshow views of all pictures in any selected folder or album.

Draw - Vector-based line drawing and layout software

Object design and layout software utilising vector objects, enabling you to create your own vector-based designs for use as logos or clip art.

Save as PDF

As a major added benefit, create universally accepted Adobe® PDF files from within any relevant application, allowing secure delivery of original documents and making it quick and easy to publish documents online.


Presentation - Slideshow Presentations

  • Compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010† and earlier 
  • PDF, XPS, HTML Web-Album & Image export for your slides
  • Thumbnail Outliner, Slide Sorter & Master Slide View
  • AutoShapes, Pictures, Charts & WriteFX effects
  • Spell Checking & Thesaurus

Photopaint - Photo & Image Editing

  • Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop & all main image formats
  • PDF or XPS export for any of your photos and images
  • Advanced image editing tools with layer support
  • Over 90 filters for special image enhancement
  • Easy “red eye” removal

Photoalbum - Photo Management

  • Store and locate photos and all common image formats
  • HTML Web-Album export for your photos
  • Batch Conversion of images into one consistent type & size
  • Multi-tab display: Folders, Albums & Favourites, EXIF Properties, Search
  • Slide shows, Image filtering, Thumbnail caching for fast loading

Draw - Vector Drawing

  • Compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010† and earlier 
  • PDF, XPS, HTML Web-Album & Image export of drawings
  • AutoShapes, Pictures, Charts & WriteFX effects
  • Object management: order, alignment, distribution
  • Snap to Grid, Snap to Edge, Positional Guidelines

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • PC suitable for running these operating systems
  • 150Mb hard disk space
  • CD or DVD drive for installation
  • Internet or phone connection for activation
  • † One-time Internet connection to enable Microsoft® Office 2010/2007 file format compatibility

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