How to Burn Music to a Disc Using Nero StartSmart

For me buying a laptop was the best decision I have ever made, using it at college was even cooler but then there was always that one thing I couldn’t figure out about my machine…How to burn music to a disc. I bought countless empty discs to write music on but because I didn’t know how to navigate around the Nero system I ended up with countless discs containing the same music. Here’s a how to ‘burn music to a disc’

  • Before you burn music you need to know that some CD players cannot play CD-RWs, use CD-R discs to burn Audio CDs.

You need to have Nero StartSmart started

  1. Click the burn audio menu icon.
  • The burn audio CD screen is displayed.
  1. Select the Audio CD disc type.
  • The Burn Audio CD screen is displayed. Burn Audio CD screen
  1. If you want to include a CD title, enter a name in the Title (CD-Text) input field (e.g. My Favorite Music).
  2. If you want to include an artist, enter a name in the Artist (CD Text) input field (e.g.Miscellaneous).
  3. Select a drive in the Target Drive drop-down menu (e.g. F:).
  4. Click the Add button.
  • A browser window opens.
  1. Select a folder in which the audio files which are to be burned are located (e.g. the My Music folder).
  • The folder opens and the audio files are displayed.
  1. If you want to select several audio files at one time, click, for example, Track 1. Then press the Shift-key and keep it pressed while you click Track 14.
  • The audio files from Track 1 to Track 14 are selected.
  1. Click the Open button.
  • The selected audio files are listed in the Burn Audio CD screen. A capacity bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the entire length of the music files (in minutes) which are to be burned on the CD.
  • Burn Audio CD with Audio Files screen

10. Select the audio file(s) you want to remove (e.g. Track 3) and click the Delete button.

  • The selected audio file is removed from the list.

11. Click the Burn button.

  • A dialog box opens and asks you to insert a blank recordable CD into a drive.

12. Insert a blank CD into the selected drive (e.g. F:) and click the Load button.

  • The burn process starts. A progress bar in the bottom area of the screen indicates the burn process. When the burn process has finished, a dialog box opens.

13. Click the OK button.

  • You have burned audio files from your hard drive to an Audio CD.

After using the above easy to follow steps you should be able to burn music into a CD with no hassles.

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