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heartbeats by lady gaga

  Beats by Dr Dre(14)    
heartbeats by lady gaga
Heartbeats inspired by LadyGaga

Lady Gaga signature Heart beats high performance in ear headphones by Dr.Dre and inspired by Lady Gaga leather jacket studs.Hearts beats by lady Gaga utilize accurate speaker design to create unprecedented sound quality and reproduce artists vocals.Crystal clarity and pristine highs, punchy mid,power deep bass allows you hear every details and emotion from you interesting music.24 gold plated adapter ensure the maximum signal and transfer the music to your ears in quickly speed.

Designed with fashion trend style

Lady Gaga is the spokesperson in fashion Heart beats in ear headphone not only features outstanding sound quality that surpasses the normal headphones but also designed with a fashion trend style.Monster compact touring case protect Heartbeats from damage and keeps new.In a word.No other headphones look and sounds like Hearbeats high performance in ear headphone.

Eartips and noise isolation

Heart beats in ear design give you a comfortable and freedom listening experience.Monster provide a variety of different sizes eartips and you will get a pair that perfect fit you ears.Plus.The soft eartips also have great noise isolation function that effectively cuts external unwanted noise and ensure the clarity sound from you favorite music .even in noisy environment.

Heartbeats comes with Control Talk

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga high performance headphone feature Monster's innovative headphone cable that not only sounds satisfied,but also completely tangle-free and let you headphone move more quickly.In addition.Heartbeats also comes with Control Talk.The electronic parts are designed to connect specially to IPHOEN,IPAD, you not only can enjoy high quality hands free calling video chart but also can quickly access music play back control

Attractive sign and touring case

We can find Monster logo is placed subtly on another part of the angle of the triangle bud and Lady Gaga's signature also placed on the cable management hardware that effectively adorns the center of Heartbeats cable. Heartbeats in ear headphone comes with a unique,compact touring case that also printed monster logo and can protect Heartbeats from damage and keep it looking brand new.

Monster Cable no tangle

Monster advanced cable can ensure the high performance transmission quality and speed.The 24k gold connect as well as can reduce signal and ensure the maximum signal.LadyGaga Heartbeart in ear headphone wired with Monster Cable for crystal clear and accurate innovative cable is tangle free and ultra flexible that allows you move quickly and spent more time to enjoy your dulcet music.

LadyGaga hearbeats headphone's sound quality

The sound quality is the most important feature for headphone.LadyGaga heartbeats in ear headphone feature high performance sound quality.The accuate speaker design delivers music with extreme clarity and deep bass.Large high efficiecy drivers system can play loud sound and without distortion.enen if increased the sound to the maximum level.LadyGaga Heartbeats high performance in ear headphone ensure the clarity sound from your favorite music.

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