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ISL Pronto

ISL Pronto is a live chat software, enabling you to answer sales inquiries and support requests online. ISL Pronto works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Live Chat

ISL Pronto is a live chat software for online customer service and web support. It creates a link between your personnel and website visitors, enabling you to answer sales inquiries or support requests online.

Increase Sales

Sales representatives can quickly present a product or provide answers to arising questions from the website visitors. Convert your website visitors into your customers.

Improve Customer Support

Lead your website visitors from a simple text chat to a rich media collaboration via voice (VoIP), video, desktop sharing and much more. Use ISL Pronto's real interaction to offer an unparalleled customer support service.

Enterprise Instant Messaging


HTML / AJAX Client

No installation is required on the visitor side.

Customizable Chat Window

Customize the chat window design: insert your company logo, operator images, etc. And customize the pre-chat form to acquire additional information on the visitor prior to the chat session.

Fast Operation

Communication is optimized for low latency and bandwidth requirements.

Presence Status

Online status of your chat service is displayed in the chat invitation snippet.

Chat Transcript

Review a transcript of any chat that takes place on your site, online 24 hours a day. Check for consistency and quality of your online customer service.

Multi-Platform Support

ISL Pronto works on Windows, Linux and MAC.

Audio and Pop-Up Notifications

Be alerted by new chat sessions, other operators inviting you to their chat, or a new comment sent by one of your visitors.

Secure Chat

To assure high security, ISL Pronto sessions are encrypted with SSL of 1024-bit RSA for the handshake and 256-bit end-to-end AES encryption.

Visitor to Operator Chat

One visitor can chat with one or more operators in a session.

Multiple Chats

Operators can simultaneously chat with multiple visitors, making your customer service far more efficient than the conventional phone sales or support.

Multiple Chats

Operators can simultaneously chat with multiple visitors, making your customer service far more efficient than the conventional phone sales or support.

Chat Transfer

Transfer chats from one operator to another in real time. Invite other operators to help you answer the visitor's questions.

Operator to Operator Chat

Operators may chat with one or more other operators to quickly find the right answers to the visitor's sometimes demanding questions.

Canned Responses

Save your replies by category and keywords as you chat. Quickly search for the saved text and speed up your answers.

Page Push

Send your visitors directly to the Webpage that could be interesting for them.

Show / View Desktop

Operators can invoke a desktop sharing session to make a quick product presentation or help visitors solve problems remotely. They can view the visitor's desktop or invite a visitor to temporarily view their desktop. Use the shared desktop as a whiteboard: draw attention to something in your presentation by placing a pointer, and use a red marker to circle or underline something. 

Remote PC Control

View the visitor's desktop securely and gain control of the keyboard and mouse. Solve technical problems on the spot. To assure the visitor's privacy, limit desktop and control sharing to a single application.

Audio & Video

Secure VoIP and live video communication between the operator and the visitor are available during a chat session. Make your online chat more personal.

File Transfer

Quickly transfer files to the visitor's computer by simply dragging and dropping them to the user interface. Files are transferred to a selected folder or desktop.

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