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Music Maker Rock Edition 4

Music Maker Rock Edition 4

Music Maker Rock Edition 4

MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4 lets you call the shots so you can make your own songs that rock!

Heavy bass, powerful guitar parts and big drums for a real rock sound. Thanks to the built-in mixer and numerous audio effects nothing stands between you and producing studio-quality rock music.

Start straight away,
even if you're a complete beginner

Making your rock songs has never been so simple! If you like, the new Easy mode shows only the most important information, making it easier for beginners to get started immediately – no prior skill required.

Thanks to the infobox, there's always something new and interesting to learn. Exciting tips and tricks in short, clearly laid-out video tutorials are only a click away. The advantage: even without any prior knowledge, anyone can produce their own songs and learn more about music as they go.

NEW! Updated sound archive

MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4 offers more than 1,000 brand new sounds and loops from real instruments like guitars, drums, bass and more. This way anyone can find the right sound - from rock to alternative. 

All loops and riffs can be combined easily to make your own song. The tempo adjusts itself automatically – you'll never be out of sync with the rhythm.

Record & remix

But a good beat alone doesn't make a complete song. MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4 simplifies the instrument and vocal recording process, plus it's easy expand your own sound archive with samples. 

No matter whether you sing into the microphone, record instruments, import MP3s, or import songs from CDs, everything can easily be cut, remixed, edited, enriched with effects, and then saved onto your hard drive!

Handy! Display chords

The Harmony Agent featured in MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4 makes every song the perfect template for practicing and covering. Simply import your own songs and have the chords show up on screen!

The unique harmony detection shows chords and the matching fingering chart for the lead guitarist – ideal for practicing. Just import a track from a CD or use an MP3. The chords are also great for improvising bass and keyboard.

TOP! BeatBox 2

The first-class drum machine BeatBox 2 has incredible rhythm making capabilities and offers tons of functions to help you make your own beats. Dynamic drum kits, unlimited possibilities for sound shaping, high-quality effects, and much more.

The famous BeatBox 2 step principle is fun and quickly provides exciting results – no matter whether you're a pro or a beginner: It's never been easier to build complex and layered beats!

NEW! Song Maker 2

With MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4 you can make the most of the new Song Maker 2. Create guitar accompaniment or impressive songs to practice or jam with quickly and easily.

Simply select a music genre, set the length and tempo of the track and let yourself be surprised by new exciting songs!

Do your own mixing

Want the drums a little quieter? The bass a little louder? Mix songs down with the integrated mixer to make your sound perfect! Numerous templates allow anyone to quickly and easily produce professional results – pumping sound thanks to easily-combinable studio effects like reverb, compressor, equalizer, and much more.

TOP! Vintage Effects Suite

With MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4 you can use real rock effects, which offer even more possibilities for creating your own sounds!

Every song gets its own special flavor, no matter whether you want to highlight instruments, adjust vocals, or add typical rock effects to the guitars – thanks to professional effects templates using the Vintage Effects Suite is child's play.

NEW! Share songs on Facebook® and Twitter™

Only a finished song will find an audience! With MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition 4, simply load your new tracks onto your website, burn them in studio quality, and publish anywhere.

Music is a big deal on the Internet: There's no better place to present and distribute your music than the world wide web. Thanks to the new SoundCloud® uploader, you can upload your songs and share them with friends on Facebook® and Twitter™.

ProAudio Technology

MAGIX Music Maker Edition 4 meets the highest audio standards.

Based on the high-end Samplitude digital audio workstation, years of experience have been collected from professional sound studios around the world and condensed into this gem: MAGIX ProAudio technology delivers crystal clear sound, fully dynamic, and completely faithful to every detail.

Online extras

Catooh – the Online Content Library is your online sound archive. Whatever it is that you're looking for – drum loops, instruments, vocals, or sound effects – the program provides a direct connection to this giant sound library and supports every one of your song ideas with the right material.

And if you need a special tip,, the Knowledge Community provides fast and direct answers for all of your questions about producing music: just write your question in the text window and send it off online, and it won't be long until you get the help you want.

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