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Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes! 4

Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes! 4

Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes! 4

Enjoy your old memories once more

Often, the best music is found on old LPs and cassettes but scratches, wear and tear, even temperature fluctuations over years render your musical treasures unusable. 

Don't let it come to that!

With the help of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX and the included premium phono pre-amp you can rescue your complete record collection and bring it into the digital age in optimum quality. Finally enjoy your old favorites on your car stereo.

Transport your favorite music
into the digital age!

Everything you need is included - so you can digitize your LPs right away!

The included premium phono preamp (with cable adapter) ensures a direct connection between the PC and the record player, and is also optimally suited for cassette decks - no stereo system required. This way you quickly and easily get to lossless recordings in just several seconds - whether on a PC or a laptop.

Get started without delay:

Start recording with just one click and listen to the results immediately. Recording volume is set automatically or can be manually adjusted. No worries: Overmodulation, record artifacts, noise, hissing, clicks and humming are history, thanks to automatic sound optimization!

Hey presto!

Securely burned to an audio CD or exported as an MP3 and converted into any number of audio formats.

News and Events

Phoenix adds Symantec’s Norton products
Consumers can now purchase Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, and Norton AntiVirus at various retail outlets across SA.

Phoenix grows in Africa
Phoenix Distribution has opened branches in a number of African countries to meet the needs of its African resellers.

The changing face of software sales
The future of sales is on the Web, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.

Faster, better protection with AVG 2013
The new product suite consists of Premium Security 2013, Internet Security 2013 and AntiVirus 2013.

Phoenix adds dbramante1928 range to portfolio
Phoenix will distribute the dbramante1928 range of genuine leather accessories for mobile devices.

Safe, safer, safest
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 provides new technology for combating malicious exploits and ensures better security during financial transactions. [Local rep: Phoenix Distribution]

Recover servers in 15 minutes
ShadowProtect protects critical data in real time every 15 minutes, 96 times per day, with minimal impact on production systems. [Local rep: Phoenix Distribution]

Phoenix Distribution UK subsidiary expands range
PX Security has added the Bitdefender range of products to its portfolio.



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