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AnyTime Organizer Deluxe 12

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe 12
All the tools you need to organize your calendar, to-do list, and address book are combined in a familiar interface with hundreds of printable calendars, detailed expense reports, and a full range of programmable alarms.

Everything You Need to Stay Organized
• Day Planner
• Week, Month, Year
• Alarms & Reminders
• Birthdays & Anniversaries
• To-Do List
• Calendar Designer
• Address Book
• Envelopes & Labels
• Daily Journal
• Sticky Notes
• Expense Reports
• Password Organizer
• World Clocks
• Sports Schedules

The Organizer that Works the Way You Do
Organize Your Busy Schedule
Plan important meetings, tasks, and events. Avoid scheduling conflicts and arrive on time. Stay organized and improve your professional image.

Build Stronger Relationships
Easily keep your address book up to date and stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and family.

Accomplish More in Less Time
Increase your productivity, get ahead. Prioritize and manage your to-do list and accomplish tasks on time.

Remember Important Events
Never forget another birthday or anniversary or be late to a meeting again. AnyTime reminds you with an e-mail or sends a text message to your phone—even on the go.

Stay in Touch in a Mobile World
Print your calendar, to-do list, and address book to any paper-based organizers or sync your data to your mobile device. You'll always have everything you need right with you.

Simplify Your Life & Save Valuable Time
AnyTime Organizer provides all the tools you need to organize your personal and professional life! With a simple and familiar interface, thousands of calendar designs, and synchronization with your mobile device, you'll have everything you need in one place!

Day Planner
Organize your calendar at home, work, or school. Schedule events, calls, tasks and appointments, and avoid conflicts.
• Add recurring events and meetings just once.
• Simply drag-and-drop to reschedule at any time.
• View your schedule by day, week, month, and year.

To Do
Stay organized and accomplish more in less time. Track your daily progress and never miss an important deadline.
• View long-range goals or just today's tasks.
• Set due dates and sort by priority or group.
• Incomplete tasks roll-over to the next day.

Address Book
Build stronger relationships and stay in touch with customers, colleagues, friends, and family.
• Print address books, envelopes, and labels.
• Send an e-mail to multiple contacts simultaneously.
• Reminds you of birthdays and anniversaries.

Visualize your schedule by day, week, month, and year with more printing layouts than any other organizer.
• Over 2,500 designed layouts.
• Create a PDF to e-mail to friends and family.
• Print an address book, expense report, and more.

• Tracks personal and business expenses.

• Never forget another password or log-in again.

• Organize miscellaneous notes and reminders.

• Keep a daily personal or travel diary.

• Set alarms to remind you of important events.

Powerful Features for the Professional in You
Get more printing layouts than any other organizer - over 2,500 impressive designs! Change styles instantly with 15 new, one-click themes or create your own design. Then, print to your paper organizer or send a PDF to others.

Layout Designer
Take Advantage of exclusive layouts, Weekend Planner, 3-Day Travel Agenda, and Tri-Fold Address Book, even if you use paper-based organizers. AnySync even works seamlessly with your Outlook data to print. Create a PDF of any layout and e-mail your schedule to others.

Print to Day-Timer®, Day Runner® & Franklin™
Print pages tailored to fit your favorite paper organizer. Also, print directly to envelopes and Avery® labels for your next mailing.

Build Relationships & Get Results
Keep your contacts at your fingertips. AnyTime Organizer offers you the easiest way to stay organized and in touch with the important people in your business and personal life.

Keep a detailed record of every contact, remember birthdays and anniversaries—even prepare a holiday card mailing.
• Keep a history of meetings, tasks, and notes.
• Simply drag-and-drop to schedule calls.
• Date and time stamps are added automatically.
• Add photos for each person as a quick visual.

Mobile Sync
Seamlessly transfer and share information between AnyTime and your mobile phone and handheld device.
• Supports most major cell phones, PDAs, and mobile devices including Palm, Windows Mobile 5/6, and Pocket PC.
• Sync data with Outlook and other organizers.

World Clocks
Check the time anywhere in the world and know when to communicate. Place up to twelve clocks on your desktop.
• Keeps local time in 850 global locations.
• Includes all U.S. and global time zones.
• Adjusts for Daylight Savings and shows day or night.

New Ways to Stay Organized & On Time
AnyTime reminds you of important events in new ways so you'll never be late again. Set alarms that play your favorite MP3 song, add sticky note reminders to your desktop—even send a text message to your phone for upcoming events.

Import & Export
Easily and reliably switch from any other program. Imports data seamlessly from Microsoft® Outlook®, Sidekick®, Lotus Organizer®, Day-Timer Organizer®, previous versions of AnyTime, and other organizers.
• Import addresses, phone numbers, and contacts.
• Sync your calendar, contacts, and to-do lists.

Automated Alarms
Alarms remind you of important meetings, phone calls, deadlines, and anniversaries-so you'll always be on time for important events.
• Use MP3 music as your alarm ring tones.
• Set birthday reminders a week in advance.
• Snooze alarms by hours, days, or weeks.
• Send a text message to your phone.

Sticky Notes
Perfect for adding quick reminders to your desktop, Sticky Notes is an easy way to manage important information.
• One-click to add notes to your desktop.
• Visible while working in other applications.
• Keep phone numbers or tasks in front of you.

Schedule Ticker
Visualize your daily schedule as a scrolling ticker or screen saver and manage your time more effectively.
• Shows upcoming events and to-do items.
• Choose horizontal/vertical bar or screen saver.
• Personalize with your photos, fonts, and colors.

Password Organizer
Never forget another password, login, or account number again! Securely store social security numbers, serial numbers, credit cards, and other private information.
• Stores confidential passwords, PINs, and logins.
• Encrypted file ensures data is safe and secure.

Downloadable Calendars
Add-in your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL, Golf, and Baseball team season schedule to your daily planner. Learn from Merriam-Webster's® Word-of-the-Day and have fun with Celebrity Birthdays, International Holidays, and Moon Phases.

Easy, Complete & Works the Way You Do
Take advantage of the many ways to customize AnyTime to fit your needs. You'll find more ways to personalize your schedule, to-do list, address book, and print layouts than any other organizer.

Expense Reports, Notes & Daily Journal
Track personal and business expenses, jot down miscellaneous notes, keep recipes, lists, and records in one place, and write a daily journal.
• Generate expense reports without complicated spreadsheets.
• Keep a list of goals, books to read, and restaurants to visit.
• Write a daily journal with automatic date and time stamps.

Additional, Exclusive Time-Saving Features
• Advanced Find locates information quickly.
• Conflict-checking avoids over-booking.
• Connects with your existing e-mail program.
• Grouping shows information in different colors.
• Quick calendars navigate to any day—fast!
• Date and time stamps are added automatically.
• Password protection secures private information.
• Graphs show available free time instantly.
• Spell checker ensures a professional appearance.

System Requirements
• Pentium® PC or Higher • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista, XP SP2, and 2000 SP4 • 35 MB Hard Disk Space • CD-ROM Drive • 800 x 600 16 Bit display or higher
• Speakers or Headphones • Sound Card and Mouse

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