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Monster ClarityHD

Monster ClarityHD

We listen. An extraordinary group of engineers, artists, designers, acousticians – who have innumerable years of experience creating the highest-end audio products – listens obsessively. Fanatically. We designed and control the entire signal path: inputs, pre-amp, amp, cables, drivers and cabinetry with the sole purpose of making your digital music thrill you with clarity and power.

The High-Performance loudspeaker redefined
The result is the Monster Clarity HD Model One. It's called a loudspeaker, but it's actually a complete high-performance audio system that lets you experience your music in true, high-definition at any volume: soft or breathtakingly loud.

Monster Clarity HD Model One. From the studio to your home
The Holy Grail of every speaker manufacturer is recreating the experience of being in the studio or on the stage as the music was actually recorded. Finally, you are able to hear your music – at home – the way the artist intended it.

Connect to virtually any device with digital music files from up to 30-feet away
The Monster Clarity HD Model One integrates seamlessly with smartphones, computers, mp3 players, HDTV, and professional recording or DJ gear, but that's just the beginning. The built-in wireless port and optional Bluetooth module let you stream your music from anywhere in the room to your speaker.

Breathtaking sound for today and tomorrow.
The Monster Clarity HD Model One is voiced for high-resolution playback of digital audiofiles with amazing fidelity. You will rediscover your music collection through the Monster Clarity HD Model One Loudspeaker. It brings back the soul of the music.

Dock for iPhone®, iPod®
Mini jack for computers, smartphones and mobile devices
RCA input jacks for audio and video components
Balanced ¼" TRS inputs for recording gear, mixers and DJ gear without additional amps or preamps
Built-in wireless port for optional Bluetooth module
Volume fade
High-frequency calibration
Remote control

The new Monster Clarity HD Model One is a breakthrough in home audio. It takes a digital audio file and renders any style music – from soaring orchestral passages to edgy hip-hop and rock – with astonishing fidelity. But that's just the beginning. Learn all about the unique features of the Clarity HD Model One now.​​

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