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StorageCraft ShadowControl ImageManager

StorageCraft ShadowControl ImageManager

StorageCraft® ShadowControl™ ImageManager™

Take charge of your backups – near-line, off-site and in the cloud – for better business continuity.

ShadowControl ImageManager gives you numerous ways to organize and manage your backup image files created with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® best-in-class disaster recovery technology.

ShadowControl ImageManager makes it simple and straightforward to rapidly replicate backups to the cloud, pre-stage backups as a virtual machine before disaster strikes or control management of your backup images.

ShadowControl ImageManager has these benefits:

  • Accelerated, automated off-site replication with new ShadowStream™* technology
  • Off-site replication with intelligentFTP™*
  • LAN- and WAN-based replication*
  • Bandwidth throttling to control network usage
  • Rapid recovery in minutes with HeadStart Restore®*
  • Automatic consolidation of backup files to reduce disk space
  • Ability to set retention policies for local and off-site backup images
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images
  • Email notification of backup image status

ShadowControl™ ImageManager™ is free of charge and you can download it now by clicking Download Now from this page.

* ShadowStream™, intelligentFTP™ and HeadStart Restore® jobs do require a license fee and can be purchased by clicking Buy Now from this page. LAN- and WAN-based replication is included in the intelligentFTP job license.

HeadStart Restore

Dramatically reduce recovery time objectives by pre-staging your backup image as a virtual machine and restore your system in just a few minutes.


Smart FTP replication to an off-site location. Your intelligentFTP license also gives you replication to LAN- or WAN-based destinations.

HeadStart Restore

Dramatically reduce recovery time objectives by pre-staging your backup image as a virtual machine and restore your system in just a few minutes.


Streamline backup image management by consolidating daily, weekly and monthly backups.


Minimize storage use by saving only the backup image files you need.


Verify and re-verify backup images so you're sure you can recover them after a disaster.


Set email to notify you about the status of your backup images.

Save Time

Minimize the time needed to transfer backups off -site, or restore your servers near-line. Accelerate off -site transfer of backups with ShadowStream or restore an entire system with HeadStart Restore in about the time it takes to reboot.

Save Money

Get business back up and running in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Every minute lost in recovery is income and productivity lost. Minimize recovery time objectives and you maximize profits.

Save Storage Space

ShadowControl ImageManager allows you to consolidate your backup images and choose how long you save them, minimize the amount of disk space required for system backups.


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